Monitor Your PulseChain Portfolio Today!

Keep track of your PulseChain portfolio, now with HexTrack. No need to wait for your favorite coins on the PulseChain network to be added to your current portfolio app.

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Best Portfolio App For PulseChain

Keep track of your profit/loss easily now with HexTrack. Make an account to start tracking your current positions without the hassle.


Monitored Positions


Active Accounts

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App Features

Awesome Features

Position Monitoring

Enter your current positions to keep track of your profit/loss individually or as a whole. No need to connect your wallet.


Native PulseChain coins are supported. New coins can be requested or will be added automatically.

Editable Positions

Editable fields such as "Positions", "Purchase Price", "Quanity, and Date Purchased."

Fully Secured

HexTrack uses protective measures employed to secure data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Cloud Storage

All data is stored remotely on our server, no applications or user endpoints required.

Mobile Compatability

Use HexTrack on your Desktop or Mobile device.

How It Works

3 Easy Steps

Make an Account

Create an account with us to get started.

Setup Your Profile

Add your current positions.

Enjoy The Features

Monitor your account through the dashboard.