Sacrafice Is Live!


ReflHEXion is a completely new and unique type of reflection token with great utility to stock up on your favourite PulseChain coins or add to your PulseChain game theory for passive income over time.


The simplicity of ReflHEXion token is what makes it so great! 15% Entry and Exit fees with 50% discount on holding for 777 days.

Fee Distribution

Reflection to holders

10% fee is distributed to all holders proportionately based on the % share of $RFX held and delivered in any reward coin on PulseChain.

Staking Pools

3% Tax is directed to an accumulative address that will build up over time to be distributedto those that stake $RFX


1% Will be added to the Liquidity Reserves Wallet.


1% Will be added to the Project Treasury Wallet.