TETRA provides a comprehensive solution to the challenges of blockchain interactions, allowing customers to execute transactions and automations with ease. The tool's user-friendly interface, smart contract scanning algorithm, and decentralised oracle services make it an invaluable asset for anyone looking to automate blockchain interactions.

With TETRA, users can generate significant yield while building custom automations or strategies, making it a must-have for anyone looking to streamline their blockchain interactions. The use case for TETRA is limitless, as anything that can be manually executed on the blockchain can be automated in a visual and simplistic way using TETRA. The flexible interface allows for custom automations or strategies of any kind to be built in a drag-and-drop fashion.


Take part in the Refraction R1 and ReflHEXion R2 protocols to acquire TETRA tokens.


Stake TETRA tokens in the single-sided staking pool to earn any stablecoin rewards from fees generated from the TETRA protocol.


TETRA will offer some of the lowest fees to automate your DeFi strategies and transactions. Decentralised and open to all.

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