Frequently Asked Questions

What is HexTrack?

HexTrack is a Pulsechain portfolio tracker. Track your profit/loss easily using the dashboard. Each transaction is individually tracked and compiled to simplify your cost average per coin and your portfolio as a whole. Hextrack also includes charts such as coin percentage holdings that lets you see the total percentage of each coin you have in your portfolio.

How do I get started?

To get started, simply Create an account with us. Once you have created you account you can Login to access your Dashboard . First thing to do is to head over to the Positions page to enter your position holdings. Fill out the coin you purchased; the amount of coins you purchased, and how much you paid per coin. You can select the date and time you made this purchase then click Submit. Head back over to the Dashboard to see the stats of the newly entered position. Thats it!

Is my information secure?

Sure is! Hextrack only stores information needed for you to access the site. Measures were taken to make sure any information tied to your account is stored with up to date security standards and implemented using best practices.

How do I request a new coin?

Is HexTrack FREE?

HexTrack is in fact free to use. If you're enjoying using this platform please consider donating to support our growing server costs.

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